Checklist before moving overseas

If you’re about to moving overseas there’s a lot to think and plan. Creating a checklist of things to do can put your mind at ease and ensure you don’t miss anything important. Here’s a guide to get you started:

    • Check passport validity

      If your passport is due to expire within the next year, you may want to renew it before you move overseas to avoid hassles of dealing with a renewal while overseas

    • Apply for work permits and visas

      Each country has its own requirements and processing time. Therefore, ensure you have the relevant applications submitted well before you are due to move or start work.

    • Start saving

      Once you know your budget, set yourself a saving goals to meet the expenses when the need arises. Make sure your goal is achievable so you are able to realise it. And if you feel you may not be able to save enough to meet your target consider looking at areas where you may be able to cut back your expenses

    • Set aside a budget for relocation costs

      Aside from your flights and initial accommodation, there may be other costs for which you need to budget. This can be for anything from new clothes to new furnishings, as well as a bond/deposit on your accommodation whether you go for renting or buying. If you intend to work in the new country be ready to give yourself some time until you find a job.

    • Start planning for tax

      Depending on how taxation works in your current country, you may need to let the tax authorities know you about your overseas relocation plans to see if any step is required to get your taxes in order. It can be a good idea to do this in advance just in case there are any tax payments due and not accounted for.

    • Complete a medical health check

      You may need to go for vaccinations or health checks before you enter your new country. Make sure you’re able to access any medication you need in your new country and don’t forget to pack extra in your carry-on bag, in case your checked baggage is delayed on arrival. If you have any doubts, speak to your doctor about your alternatives and options.

    • Organise storage and/or shipping

      If you plan to leave some household things behind, look at your options for storage and the associated costs. If you are going to ship some of your furniture overseas you may need to set aside the costs. Get several quotes to ensure you have the best price and also read the fine print of any agreement before you sign. Make sure to look at the fineprint related to insurance of the shipment.

    • Set up your banking

      You will need to access your funds in your new home country. You may be able to apply for an international services bank account online before you arrive, or choose to open an international bank account before you leave.

    • Gather key documents

      There are some key things you must arrange before arriving such as an international driving/driver’s licence, accommodation and education if you have school-going children. Get a record of any documentation you may need such as rental references or school reports so that you there is no need to coordinate from overseas after you relocate.

    • Pay off all your outstanding bills

      Contact your gas, electricity, water, telephone, TV and broadband service providers to inform them of your relocation and settle pending bills and ensure disconnections.

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